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Steps exactly how to make up face

Wednesday, August 3rd 2011. | beauty

World of beauty to offer the gift selection to hide, raise, or a shadow of facial features. Face make up can transform your face from dull and dreary, for vivid and dramatic. So, how to make up face is very important to pay attention. Because of how to make up face can be used to enhance your natural beauty. Here are the steps you should consider in how to make up face.

Steps exactly how to make up face The Foundation works with a night out skin tone and provide a basis for making blush and eye to comply. They are basically a moisturizer with a pigment added to give them color. Depending on the product, the foundation may have a matte or they can make look shiny. Congealer is a camouflage for the disabled and other areas that require special attention. Scars, surface flaws, irregularities of the skin, discoloration, and bruising are all conditions that may benefit from the congealer.

Blush or rouge, adding color, shading, and contour of your face. These products come in varieties of cream or powder. Eye shadow, eye shadow used on the upper eyelid to give an indication of color, highlights, and shadows. Similar to blush, they may come in cream or powder form. Eyeliner defines the eye area. It can be used to make eyes look bigger or smaller, or to enhance eye color. They usually come as either a liquid or pencil. Basic shades like black, brown, or gray, works best for day to day face makeup. Lipstick, lip liner and lip gloss to add color and definition to the lips. A lip liner is a pencil that you may or may not choose to use to describe the lips and prevent lipstick spread. Lipstick may come in matte, paralyzed, or glossy finish. Lip gloss adds gloss and shine, and maybe come up with a special scent or taste. Well, good luck!

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