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Rainbow Hair: Love It or Loathe It?

Thursday, November 20th 2014. | beauty

Nowadays a lot of people are into the “rainbow” hair, where they dip dye some parts of their hair (or maybe all) with bright, vibrant colors like blue, pink, orange, yellow, purple, or green. Rainbow hair is one of those hair trends which painted the Fall/Winter catwalks back in February 2013 and grabbed so many attentions. From fire ombre and dip dyed ends to paint buckets of pink, yellow, green, and purple, rainbow hair was desired by the likes of Rodarte and Nicole Miller on runway shows and later on, among the celebrities and fashionistas. Despite, some people don’t really like the idea of dyeing their hair rainbow or pastel colors, because they believe that it’s a great thing for editorials or runway shows, and not for real life.

rainbow hair dye

Here we want to tell you about a girl who is everyone’s favorite rainbow-haired muse. Chloe Nørgaard is an American fashion model and DJ who is famous for her signature rainbow hair. Not only she is flexible with her colored hair, but she is also well-known for doing the dye jobs herself. Nørgaard is actually a natural brunette and has been bleaching her hair “forever.” The model caused a stir when she took to the runway at Nicole Miller and Marimekko in Fall/Winter 2013. Chloe’s look may be a love it or loathe it kind of thing, but it’s helped her a lot in her career. The model loves her ever-changing look, having multi-colored hair means she’s had to tone down her makeup. She no longer wears bold lipsticks as she thinks it doesn’t work with her bold tresses. Instead she focuses on her eyes, wearing glitter or bold eye shadows.

And now with this much inspiration for rainbow hair, which vibrant color will you be dyeing your hair this fall/winter?

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