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Beautiful as the artist with makeup artist tips

Wednesday, December 7th 2011. | beauty

You do not need to be confused to want to look beautiful like the artist, makeup artist tips, can make you look like artists.

Beautiful as the artist with makeup artist tips

makeup artist tips

Here are some steps you should do to makeup artist tips:

  1. Do not follow the trend of the eyebrows, embracing the natural shape of your eyebrows.
  2. “It is true, the sun is your enemy, but you can still enjoy it,” Jones said. “Sun block is a must – at least SPF 30.”
  3. “Exfoliating at least three times a week will keep your skin constantly looking for the ultimate regeneration and it’s young,” added Jones.
  4. if you are trying to decide between shades of foundation, select one of the dark. Lighter shades can be aging.
  5. Use bronzer every day. Going without it is like running around naked, Jones said. For a more natural look, he suggests choosing one that only 1-2 color darker than your skin tone.
  6. If your lipstick color changes, apply the opposite color to neutralize unwanted tones. For example, if your lipstick is too pink rotate, apply color orange. If it is too orange, go for pink.
  7. Since a good foundation, the basis of your appearance, pamper yourself with the best you can afford.
  8. If you have a good combination skin oily and dry, do not be afraid to use a separate foundation – one for the oily part and one for the parts dry.
  9. To avoid clumps, apply two thin coats of mascara to your lashes.
  10. Always prepare your face for makeup with cheap eye cream application. You can not over-eye cream and congealer you’ll blend in much better, reducing the appearance of lines.

Well, the makeup artist tips, now you can look like famous and popular artists.

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